From Forex to CFDs, to cryptocurrencies, and beyond — UK-based CMC Markets offers an impressive variety of financial products. With a stellar reputation and powerful technology, it’s hard to go wrong with this broker. FxPro is a globally regulated Forex, CFD, and Spread Betting broker offering to trade on more than 250+ financial instruments covering Forex, Futures, Indices, Shares, Metals, and Energies. If you're prepared to put in the time and effort, spread betting can be lucrative. But much like betting on football or horse racing, doing some research on a runner's form and 'running' history can also pay dividends. Spread betting platforms in the UK will usually support debit cards.

Which is the best spread trade?

Which broker has the best spread? Tickmill stands out as having the best spread, as the overall trading cost (spread + commission) is 0.47 pips, which is the lowest on average based on September 2021 data using the EUR/USD pair on its Pro account offering.

When investors are unfamiliar with leverage, they may take positions too large for their accounts, leading to margin calls. Investing allows investors to bet on both rising and falling prices. Investors who trade physical shares must borrow the 12trader stock they intend to short sell, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Pepperstone charges different spread betting fees depending on the type of account you choose. Spread betting with a ‘Standard’ account will not incur any commission.


There are pros and cons to spread betting on the smaller stocks. A pro is that if they skyrocket, you don’t have to pay tax on your winnings. The cons are that they are illiquid and as such can be very volatile. Spread betting is dominated by several firms, but as there are relatively few barriers to entering the market, new firms arrive all the time. At the moment, the two largest publicly-listed financial spread betting firms are IG and CMC Markets.

top 10 spread betting companies

Traders can do this without taking ownership of the underlying asset. What we mean by that is that you can literally place spread bets on anything. And the more options you have at your disposal, the higher the chance you’ll have of recognizing a potentially lucrative opportunity. Horse racing and football remain the major markets and offer some really great odds and bets that are not possible with traditional fixed odds betting.

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Some forex brokers offer more of the bells and whistles that more seasoned traders require, including advanced order types and full-featured charting platforms with a wealth of analytical tools. The max return you can make sports spread betting is in theory unlimited. In practice, however, profits are limited by the event taking place.

In fact, Simon Cawkwell amassed the bulk of his spread betting fortune by makingshort selling spread bets– betting on stock prices to drop rather than to rise. European CFD's are contracts that trade in the price difference between two financial products. The European investor opens an account with a CFD broker and the broker will exchange the difference between the two values. The European CFD's are similar to stocks but are not delivered physically.

In spread betting, you might get the same result by betting on an increase in the price of Apple's stock. You do, however, need to check a couple of key things before getting started with a spread betting demo account. Firstly, make sure that the broker doesn’t require you to make a deposit to gain access. You also need to check how much you will receive in demo trading funds.

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Spread betting platforms are not geared towards long-term investors. Instead, they allow you to speculate on the future price of an asset in the short run. Crucially, this is because spread betting markets attract overnight financing fees. On top of conventional CFDs, offers a comprehensive spread betting facility.

top 10 spread betting companies

We give you a breakdown of the ins and outs of spread betting so that you can be more informed and decide if this is for you. Keep it simple, keep it safe — If you’re indecisive about the outcome, you should always stay on the safe side of things. It’s always better to land a smaller profit than risk losing everything. If you think you are experienced enough, pick your winner and take the next step in your trading journey.

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When it comes to fees, the spread betting platforms in the UK allow you to trade in a cost-effective manner. However, spread betting fees can be a little complex to understand at first glance – so we elaborate on this in more detail below. As a beginner spread betting platform, allows you to start off with a free demo account facility. This means that you can practice your spread betting endeavors without risking any money. There is also an ‘Introduction to Trade’ department on the platform, which offers a range of guides and explainers.

Unlike traditional stock trading platforms, you can trade on spread betting platforms with leverage. That allows you to increase the size of your position, as we briefly discussed earlier. As a spread betting platform you can expect the same great performance and service from the platform as they deliver for CFDs trading. The platform itself is extremely accessible and allows for almost complete customization of charts and tools that are fully integrated with many more that can be added.

top 10 spread betting companies

EToro is a well-known Israeli fintech company and a social trading broker, established in 2007. For a tailored recommendation, check out our broker finder tool. Just enter the name of your country and you will see only those brokers that are relevant to you. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

For example, if you’re a newbie, you won’t want to choose a platform that is packed with advanced tools and trading jargon. This is why all of the spread betting platforms free forex trade setups UK discussed on this page are authorized and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority . This ensures that you are able to trade in a fair and transparent manner.

In this market, even the best spread betting brokers will be the actual market makers as there is no interbank market for spread betting. A short position in a stock without a dividend may suffer a loss due to the adjustment of the dividend. If a company announces that its stock will receive a dividend, it will be credited to your European spread betting account. When it comes to dividends, most spread betting providers in European will credit up to 80% of the gross dividend to long position clients. The amount that the spread betting provider in European will pay to its clients depends on the type of contract. Some providers will credit 100% of the dividend if it is on a long position.

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Being able to get help when you need it and have the ability to trade over the phone is a vital part of spread betting. Whilst over 95% of trades go through online and trading apps ensure you are connected to the market all the time, there still may be occasions when you need the help of experienced dealers. Checking your spread betting broker is FCA-regulated and covered by FSCS protection is also a sensible step. All of the brokers in our comparison are fully regulated and eligible for FSCS deposit protection. If a broker is not listed on the Stock Exchange, you can have a look at their accounts on Companies House or websites like If you are trading through a spread betting white label, it’s important to check just what balance sheet you are using – the brand or the underlying provider.

Many brokers in European have taken steps to help spread betting European traders manage risk, and one of those measures is negative balance protection, which protects against broker action. This type of protection allows retail European spread betting European traders to limit their losses to the money they have in their accounts. This feature is essential for those new to spread betting and enables them to take advantage of its advantages. Spread bettors should focus on improvements to trading costs via a reduction in the spread. Many spread betting brokers advertise additions like a personal account manager, which is pointless. Unless higher account tiers provide an actionable improvement to trading, spread bettors should avoid multi-tier account structures.

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Spread betting is a way to bet on the rise and fall of the prices of an asset, like a stock, commodity or financial instrument. You do not own the underlying asset but make money by predicting correctly if the value of your chosen asset will rise or fall in a given timescale. You can spread bet on anything, from shares to gold and crude, FX or house prices. With spread betting, margin costs can be as low as 10% of the total value of the underlying asset. Spread betting is a risky business and it is important to choose a broker that is regulated by a financial firm or institution.

Forex spread betting does not involve a physical purchase, thus traders do not need to pay stamp duty or capital gains tax with a forex spread betting account. In addition to the use of leverage, this is the key distinction between spread betting and FX trading. In addition, quebex no commission is charged while spread betting currency. In summary, UK spread betting brokers offer an alternative to conventional trading platforms. In other words, by using CFD trading platforms and forex trading platforms – you will need to pay tax on your profits.

Both sports spread betting companies,SpreadexandSporting Indexdeal with sophisticated and experienced gamblers that trade in large amounts. As such they are used to providing a high level of customer service and are constantly innovating their offers. Sports spread betting strategies are a little different from financial spread betting strategies. Because even though the mechanics of sports spread betting are similar, the underlying markets are very different. Sure you can have a sports spread betting strategy where you run an algorithm through social media and trade the sentiment generated on the outcome of a football match or political event .

If you like the sound of ETX Capital, you can open an account and deposit funds with a debit card or e-wallet. Reversals trading is particularly popular because it is a reactive, low-risk strategy that does not attempt to second-guess the market but rather moves in line with its reaction. By using spread betting, you can ride the wave of a price correction without having to enter the market too early, minimizing potential losses while also reaching a happy medium in terms of gains.

Regulation aids in protecting your money and assets against fraud. Since brokerage firms don’t earn a commission on spread betting, how do they make money? Here is a brief explanation of how brokers make money on spread betting. As with any other spread bet, traders bet on whether the price of the currency pair will rise or fall. Purchasing stock shares give investors ownership interest in a company. It is common practice for the company offering currency spread betting to quote two prices, the bid price and the ask price.